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Spraying Cosmetics

High-performance ampoules for anti-wrinkle, whitening and moisturizing with air brush technology

"Stop the clock on aging your skin"


8 Effects of CLEOPINE


Main Ingredient

Haesong Mushrooms

(Fermented Peptide)

Developed by fermenting Haesong Mushrooms, non-toxic mushrooms that grow in the east coast of Gangwon Island. Edible mushrooms that consist of 45% carbohydrates & 55% protein. Fermented peptides plays the role of catalyst by changing fat to collagen of the dermal layer.

Main INgredient

Geumgang Pine Tree

(Loess Water)

Developed by extracting fermented Geumgang Pine Trees that mainly grow in the coastal province of Gangwon Island. Functional components include a large amount of phytoncide, pikeunojenol, alkaloids, and terpenes. Loess water induces physiological activity of the skin: skin tone improvement, skin regeneration, etc.

Main INgredient

Mineral Salt

Ionized minerals extracted from the finest mineral salt (Haejang-geom), after removing the guards, various heavy metals and other hazardous ingredients. High quality mineral salts were prepared by adding Haesong mushroom extract. It is a clean salt that has passed the FDA inspection of hazardous substances such as heavy metals. Ionized minerals that are similar to the body's electrolyte composition, which allows fast skin absorption.

Over 4000 units sold within the first hour of broadcast

Sold out 14 out of 20 Home shopping shows Within a 7 month period

Exceeding $15 Million in sales with great Consumer Feedback

Detox & Therapy Cosmetic System

Protect your skin from harmful UV radiation for up to 72 hours per spray. Moisturizes and rejuvenates skin with fast skin absorption.

Natural Ingredient Spray

Cleopine ampoules contain many natural ingredients that combine well together to treat your skin in many ways. The three main include fermented peptides from Haesong mushroom extracts, loess water from Geumgang pine tree extracts and mineral salt ionized and purified of harmful substances. Other ingredients include ocher, brown seaweed and kelp.

Beauty & Anti-Aging System

Get rid of wrinkles and achieve tighter skin while also brightening your skin. Spray on your face, neck, hands, feet and body for immediate results.

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